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Women's Hair Loss Restoration

Beverly Hills Hair is now offering Permagraft
as a hair loss restoration technique for women

  - Are you happy with how you look?
- Does your self-image negatively impact your
             personal life or on the job performance?
  - Does your thinning hair affect where you go and what you do?
  - Have you already tried doctors, medications, and cover-ups?
  - Are you resigned to living with something you thought you couldn't change?
  - Are you interested in an effective alternative?

For generations, women who were unhappy with their hereditary hair loss have had just two options - to tolerate their thin hair or to hide it. Well, not anymore. Now there's a comfortable, natural solution that doesn't involve pills, lotions, or surgical procedures. By adding to the hair you already have, you can look great and lead an active lifestyle.

With Permagraft, you can relax and enjoy activities like swimming and showering. Best of all, you can style your hair like you've always wanted to.

When you visit us for a private consultation, we'll carefully evaluate your specific needs, then we'll show you how we've helped other women and recommend the best program for you.

Feeling good about the way you look can make a big difference in the way you live. Call today and start the changes happening!

Permagraft is available now. It's natural, comfortable, and leaves you with hair you can be proud of.

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