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Men's Hair Loss Restoration

Beverly Hills Hair is now offering
Permagraft as a hair loss restoration technique!


The same properties evident in natural growing hair are also found in Permagraft:
-       A naturally contoured hairline which begins with
        irregularly spaced hair, increasing in density as the
        hairline progresses.
-      Visible scalp beneath the hair, from the hairline
        through the crown.
-      A flow and bounce to the hair that allows it to
         lie naturally, even when it's messed.
-      The capability of the hair to turn and toss
         in wind, rain, and water.
-      Multi-directional movement of the hair for unlimited styling options.

Styling possibilities as unlimited as the stylist's artistry..
Because Permagraft features hair implanted on a vertical bias, true multi-directional hair movement is achieved. The hair can be brushed straight back to reveal the natural hairline, combed forward for a more youthful look, parted on the side, and even cut to 1/2" lengths. The manner in which the hair lies naturally, no matter how it's combed or tossed, makes Permagraft a stylist's and hair loss sufferer's dream.


The pictures are worth several thousand words.
All the men you see on this page aren't models at all. They're real men with a hair loss problem who've had the Permagraft procedure done. There's no retouching, no faking, no magic involved other than a good haircut, and a well applied comb. The harder you look, the more you'll agree: Permagraft is as natural as growing hair could ever be.


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